Our mission is to give more people access to capital markets. We pursue this goal with a strategy to make investing as easy and convenient as possible by providing everything you need to invest successfully.

Here you can find an overview of all the benefits getquin offers you:

Optimal overview of your portfolio

In an attractive design, we show the historical performance and all other relevant key figures of your portfolio clearly in your dashboard. You get full transparency for your portfolio, as the time-weighted return of your investments is presented to you in real time and you can access it at any time via app and web.

You gain a detailed insight into the distribution of your investments. What are your percentage weightings in terms of sectors and countries? Are any of your individual positions overweighted? Do you have your desired weighting of the different asset classes?

You will find out in a clear presentation and can directly identify and eliminate cluster risks. Adjust your portfolio according to your ideas so that you achieve your desired weightings.

In the dividend calendar you get an overview of all your past and future (confirmed) dividends.

Discover new investments in the community

In the Community section, you can monitor around the clock which stocks and ETFs are currently particularly popular in the community and among analysts. Via the search-function, you can also filter by individual stocks, ETFs or user profiles to get new inspiration.

In addition, financial experts and influencers share their knowledge and provide insights into their investment strategies.

Keep your portfolio up-to-date

With just a few clicks you can customize your personal securities account - whether at Comdirect, Consorsbank, Scalable Capital, Oskar, Trade Republic, flatex, Smartbroker, ING, DKB and many more.

Learn more about finance

Our podcasts, videos and blog articles help you expand your financial knowledge. From basic knowledge for newcomers to detailed information about investment strategies and various trends.