Getquin always tries to ensure the best possible supply of securities data for its users. The following article gives an overview of the data currently available at getquin, frequently asked questions as well as an overview of our roadmap regarding the expansion of the databases.

Why data sourcing is complex for getquin

Basically, the getquin app is open to users of many different brokers, which in turn can trade a large number of different securities on different exchanges. Since most data providers are also exchange-based and most exchanges have to be contacted individually, obtaining data as completely as possible involves considerable effort.

Which securities are basically supported by the getquin app?

Basically, the getquin app supports every security that you can hold in your securities account with your broker. However, the depth of information that can be provided in the getquin app for the different securities differs. Basically, the app currently provides support for price and fundamental data for stocks and ETFs.

I am not shown any price gains for a security in the getquin app, what could be the reason for that?

Price gains are calculated on a time-weighted basis in getquin. You can find more about the calculation of returns at getquin here.  Therefore, it is necessary to have historical price data for the security in order to calculate the time-weighted return. If your getquin portfolio shows positions with 0€ or 0% price return, this is mostly due to the fact that there is no historical price data for the security.

I have problems with stock or ETF data in the app, what can I do?

If you discover missing or incorrect data for stocks or ETFs in the app, this can have various reasons. This is because getquin uses different service providers to obtain the data. We are constantly improving our software to ensure automated data quality. If you are affected by missing or incorrect data for ETFs or stocks, please do not hesitate to contact us via We will take care of the missing data as soon as possible.

Which types of securities are not (yet) supported by the getquin app?

Not yet supported are data of most actively managed mutual funds (at least those that are not exchange traded), cryptocurrencies, as well as any derivatives data.

In which currencies can getquin be used?

Getquin can currently be used exclusively in euros. If securities in the portfolio are listed in other currencies at your broker and the broker provides the base currency, the positions will be automatically converted to euros.

When will additional data be implemented in the app?

Basically, all data available in the app is constantly being improved and expanded. For cryptocurrencies, funds and derivatives, a full implementation is planned by July 2021 at the latest. This will be done in the following periodization: