You want to link your securities account with getquin, but don't know if your broker is supported by getquin? Then this article will bring light into the darkness!

We offer three ways to connect your securities account with getquin: Via the open banking technology, the PDF import or the manual addition of transactions. Depending on which option your broker supports, you can choose the one that suits you best.

Which options you can use with your broker we have listed here for you:

Which brokers are supported by getquin

Now you are probably wondering which variant you should choose. In this overview you will find everything you need to make the right choice:

Here we have compared the options for you:

Now that you have found the right way for you, there is nothing standing in the way of linking your securities account!

And here you can find the step by step instructions:

Open Banking
PDF import
Manual Import

Of course, we understand that when it comes to personal financial data, the highest standards of data security apply and have therefore described our data protection concept in detail for you here.

By the way: You can also import your data from Portfolio Performance into getquin. How to do this is described here.