Who are you?

I am Ulrich, but everyone calls me Ulli, and I live in Ellerbek. The place where I have spent my whole life and where I still feel at home. I always hear from a lot of people that I could just jet around the world on dream islands with my fortune. In Ellerbek, however, I have everything I need and everything that makes me happy.

My greatest values are love, trust and family. This is what my staff and participants feel every day at the seminars and in the office.

What many people don't know is that I am a trained ski instructor and played handball in the second division when I was young. Therefore, health plays an important role in my life.

After 17 years in investment consulting, I founded the Ulrich Müller Wealth Academy to pass on my knowledge of the stock market to people who are looking for a way to invest their money profitably. In the meantime, over 8,000 participants have benefited from my knowledge and over 2,500 of them have decided to continue their journey with me and my academy.

At my seminars, I always say that I know nothing but the stock market. It's not quite that bad, but I still am  an absolute specialist in the subject of shares and options.

When did you start investing?

I started investing in the stock market when I was 16. At that time there was no online broker and I had to go to my savings bank to buy or sell shares. Even then I was enthusiastic about basic stocks such as Microsoft, Colgate Palmolive, Intel, Cisco-Systems, Coca-Cola, etc. I was also very interested in the stock market.

From the experience and knowledge I have gained in over 30,000 hours on the stock market over the last 27 years, I was able to set up my own indicators, which enable me and thousands of participants to successfully recognise and follow entry and exit signals on the stock market today.

What is your investment strategy?

I have different investment strategies depending on the market situation, market volume and volatility.

Personally, I specialise in shares and options with which I earn 3-6% per month. My main strategy is to generate positive cash flow on option sales in the American stock market. Why America? This is the only place where I can successfully implement this model. The German model with warrants is often equated or confused with options but does not offer the same opportunities and advantages.

My indicators are also excellent for buying and selling shares. They precisely show when the right time for entering or exiting the market has arrived. In my larger portfolios, I work with a buy-and-hold strategy because shares are tangible assets and, as part of a company, have a higher level of protection than cash in the bank. In addition, I earn weekly rental income on these stocks through options that I sell.

What is your insider tip or a sector/stock you currently like?

Again, the secret tip is not the individual stock. It's about the systematic approach, because then I can always make money. It is also important when a share is down or up, which I teach in my seminars ;-)

My favourite shares are all printed in my new book, "Herr Müller zahlt in bar!”. As mentioned at the beginning, these include Apple, Google, Amazon, Johnson & Johnson, Colgate Palmolive, Microsoft and many more.

It is something special when you buy a share for a very low price, like Apple or Amazon back then, and you see how strong these companies have become today or what kind of growth they have achieved. At my seminars I sometimes call such stocks my "babies".

What was your biggest investment mistake?

My biggest investment mistake was taking out security loans from my family and friends and trading them with leverage on the stock market. By the time the dotcom bubble had properly popped, I had gotten myself into a lot of debt and was struggling to pay back all the money.

Since I know what borrowed money does to your emotions, I strongly recommend not to make this mistake at my seminars today. At my seminar "Money Machine" I give the rule of thumb Minus 8 = 0, which means that if the portfolio is 8% in the red, you should be able to endure this without any difficulties. As long as you don't sell the shares at this point, you haven't lost anything. Only the book value is in negative numbers.

What does your portfolio currently look like?

I have a total of 6 portfolios, so this is not that easy to answer. Basically, I have nearly only top stocks in the portfolios that I hold for the long term, but I use them to collect rents on a weekly or monthly basis and thus create an unbelievable cash flow, which is almost unimaginable for most people and investors. In my opinion, it is not the individual stocks that are important for a portfolio, but the system behind the buying and selling of the stocks.

I build up my trading portfolios to a million each. To do this, I also like to try out new strategies, which I then teach at my seminars and in my webinars. Once the million is reached, I move the money into my large dividend portfolios.