Who are you?

I'm Tom, 21 years old and a dual student in my 5th semester of business informatics with a focus on data science. Thus, the financial market was perfect for a small hobby. But due to the rapidly growing enthusiasm after my first stock purchase, I became more and more active and founded the Instagram page Finanz.Tiger. Here I share my investments and knowledge very transparently and like to exchange ideas with other users.

What is your insider tip or a sector/stock that you currently like?

Currently, I am mainly interested in the sector of barrier producers. And two stocks I currently like are Ehang and BYD.

What was your biggest investment mistake?

I would say definitely BAYER.

What is your investment strategy?

Since I couldn't decide on an explicit strategy at the beginning, I'm currently following a nice mix. I have a broadly diversified portfolio with many dividend growth stocks, but I also invest in growth companies from time to time. To hedge this, I am invested in several ETFs.

My tip for beginners:

Don't go into all the individual stocks you can find right at the beginning. Stick to ETFs or low-risk stocks until you have reached a certain level of expertise. You can learn well from the mistakes of others. This will save you some excitement.

Best regards