My personal getquin Profile!

Who are you?

"Dein Geld Deine Verantwortung" (Your money your responsibility) is not only my channel name on YouTube, but also my personal life motto. Everyone holds the cards for their own financial prosperity. What you make of it is up to you.

I developed a love for numbers, data and facts during my training as an industrial clerk. After that, I continued my career as a sales analyst and today I'm responsible for various key accounts in the eCommerce sector. People often ask me, "Didn't you graduate from college at all?" - "Nope!"

That hasn't always made it easy for me, at least on paper. Still, there are always opportunities if you go the extra mile.

In the process, I also make enough mistakes myself, and that's okay. However, so that others don't have to make the same mistakes, but can learn from them, and so that my old thought processes remain comprehensible to me, I thought to myself at some point: Hey, why don't you start a YouTube channel? - No sooner said than done.

The fact that this spontaneous decision has resulted in over 300 videos in 2.5 years and that I am now even active on TikTok is simply crazy.

When did you start investing?

I first participated in a stock market game when I was 16 years old, but unfortunately lost sight of the topic afterwards and then, many years later, started investing in ETFs in 2017.

That I really started to invest with real money was at that time in the meantime on the back burner. Unfortunately, I had to get a new pin sent three(!!!) times for my depot opening.

No, the problem was for once not in front of the device... After the second failed attempt, my motivation was quite clouded and I wanted to give it up. Good thing I didn't do that!

What is your investment strategy?

If I were a stock, my name would be Johnson & Johnson.

I invest mainly in dividend stocks through savings plans. For me personally, increasing cash flow is very important. I'm just as motivated by 10 cents as by 45 euros.

In the end, every amount makes me a bit more financially independent. In the meantime, I even have a small venture portfolio where I have put together my personal eCommerce ETF. In principle, I follow buy and hold & check.

What is your secret tip or a sector/stock that you currently like?

There is no such thing as a "free lunch" on the stock exchange. Inform yourself and decide which positions fit your risk/return profile.

Since I am more of a relaxed dividend investor, I have a lot of "boring stocks" in particular.

What was your biggest investment blunder?

Everybody starts investing at some point... When dealing with stocks, the DAX also keeps running across your path. Accordingly, in 2017 I invested in a DAX ETF in addition to an MSCI World ETF.

The more I got involved with stocks, the less the DAX ETF fit into my investment strategy.

The (from my point of view) good companies from the DAX are now in my portfolio as individual positions, I sold the ETF again in 2019.

What does your portfolio currently look like?

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