My personal getquin profile!

Who are you?

My mission is on the one hand to contribute that more people invest their capital better and more productively and on the other hand to become the best investor I can become and then also let others profit from it. To reach as many people as possible, I have also written, for example, the book "The Art of Investing", which explains in novel form the most important concepts of mine and those that have shaped me.

I have also built a YouTube channel where I can share my knowledge and I can also pursue my entrepreneurial and creative passion. Credibility is also given by my former job as a professional fund manager and the track record of my wikifolios, which has also attracted millions in assets.

I studied Business Administration, International Relations and Banking&Finance at the University of St. Gallen and have a great passion for entrepreneurship and investing.

When did you start investing?

In the 7th grade and then really at 18.

I'm a child of the New Market, so to speak. Back then, 7th graders were talking about stocks in school. Of course, that can't go well for long.

I really started at 18 when I was allowed to have my own online broker. Since I have read much in Internet forums also and also volatile Explorer and gambled with Knock-Outs . But this was still practically without strategy, which has then developed only with and after the study.

What is your investment strategy?

Especially according to the 3 self-developed investment models: The fair P/E ratio, QFMA and the investresearch MacroMatrix. I have developed these after making mistakes and they have helped me to achieve a very strong performance in recent years without taking too much risk.

With the fair P/E ratio I evaluate the quality of a company according to 16 criteria and derive a fair P/E ratio. For example, a score of 8/10 would be a fair P/E ratio of 20. If I can buy the stock in the market for a P/E ratio of 18, it would then be a buy.

With the QFMA model I dedicate myself to the correct weighting of the positions. Quality, fundamentals, momentum and alpha ideas play a role. The more of these factors are met, the higher the weighting in the portfolio.

With the investresearch MakroMatrix I try to control the cash ratio and country allocation and ideally also to recognize when the risk for a crash is high or low.

You can already buy my investment strategy directly via Wikifolios.

What is your secret tip or a sector/stock that you currently like?

I have a hard time with insider tips, as that can change quickly.

In general, I invest a lot in the global internet and digital sector, and also like to invest in the fintech sector, where I know my stuff.

What was your biggest investment blunder?

Getgoods, which went bankrupt.

From the mistake, I then developed the model of fair P/E ratio. The company was cheap, though I always wondered how the rather poor team could succeed in the competitive electronics e-commerce market. They couldn't after all...

What does your portfolio currently look like?

The best way to do this is to use the 5x10 stock idea list found on my website.

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