Who are you?

I am 26 and Co-Founder & CTO of, a social voice platform from Berlin. During my studies of media informatics I already worked a lot as a developer and finally founded my first startup with a friend and neighbor right after my master's degree. Together, we have been developing a kind of "clubhouse" since last year to anonymously exchange information about love, sex and relationships - but for everyone without an invitation, not so stressful "live" and in compliance with the DSGVO. Thanks to a six-figure pre-seed funding round and currently four employees, we've even been in the app stores since last winter. Besides all kinds of tech topics, I love boats, bubble tea & Pokemon (I own several life-size figures as well as bags, jackets and other colorful merch).

When did you start investing?

It was very important to my parents that I learn about social and economic issues at a very early age. I saw first-hand how good investments and dividend payouts can also play a major role in securing family life and, of course, old age.
I have been investing with my own money for a few months now - in other words, since I paid myself my first salary as a founder.

What is your investment strategy?

Perhaps the conversations at the family table have influenced me in this respect, but as a matter of principle I only want to invest in companies, trends and things that I know, understand and above all - believe in. That can certainly look sometimes more, sometimes less risky.

My current focus is definitely on ETFs, followed directly by individual stocks in companies that I think are cool and whose success also has a real impact on my own life, e.g. Nintendo and Bumble (female leadership & love - let's go, Whitney!).

What is your secret tip or a sector/stock that you currently like?

Since I deal with the topics of love, sex and relationships on a daily basis through my app, I naturally look beyond the horizon of our own startup. There's a lot of movement in the online dating and sextech sectors right now, which won't slow down in the future thanks to further advances in artificial intelligence. The current hype around cryptos (especially NFTs) is also exciting, as private individuals can now monetize digital goods in these sectors in a much more promising way.
The fact that financial products from this direction are often still pejoratively counted as so-called "vice funds" (including tobacco, gambling and weapons) despite their success only shows how much catching up there is still to do in love & sex, not only economically, but above all socially!

What was your biggest investment blunder?

Well, it's not really a mistake, but looking back it feels a bit like this...due to my relatively nerdy gamer past, I heard about Bitcoin for the first time through friends when I was still a teenager.

At the time, however, I was not only too young, but also simply "felt" too poor with my pocket money for the topic of investing. Nevertheless, I firmly believe in the decentralized concept of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain and have therefore recently jumped back on the bandwagon.

What does your portfolio currently look like?

I design my portfolio - just like me: 80% 🤓 and 20% 🤪 !

P.S. Would like to invest in Loscher Brewery (Club Mate) for reasons. If someone knows how to do this, he / she is welcome to slide into my DMS @generalpaulinski.