The easiest way to keep an eye on your portfolio with getquin is to connect via Open-Banking - an encrypted direct connection with your bank. This way you can monitor the performance of your portfolio in real time and new transactions (new purchases and sales) are automatically added to the transaction dashboard on a daily basis.

How to connect your portfolio to Getquin via open banking is explained here step-by-step:

Connect portfolio

  • Log into your account
  • Click on "News Portfolio" in the upper right corner of your screen
  • Select your broker and search for it
  • Click on "Next" and then on "Connect Now"

    Retrieve bank data
  • Log in with your access number and your pin of your bank
  • Your data were protected by "finAPI"

    DONE! That’s it. You can link your portfolio to the getquin app within 60 seconds.

    It is important that you save your PIN so that a continuous data transfer via the open banking connection can be guaranteed. This is the only way we can update the holdings in your portfolio via the open banking interface on a daily basis.

In addition, banks are required to perform and you stronger authentication after 90 days at the latest. When this is due, a banner will automatically appear in the app asking you to re-enter the bank details for your transfer.

Just click on "Renew bank account", enter your bank details again and your transaction would be automatically updated as usual.

Manually added shares are displayed as sales?

Stocks or crypto‘s that are not part of your portfolio linked on getquin are displayed as sales due to the open banking connection. To fix this issue, you need to create a second portfolio. To do this, you can select "New Portfolio" under the tab and create another portfolio. You can skip the "Select Bank" step and select "Manually Add Transactions". Under the "Aggregated" view you still have an overview of everything.

What happens with my data?

We never have access to your login data at your bank. Data is encrypted and transmitted exclusively according to the need-to-know principal via certified financial service providers and is not stored. For the secure connection and to guarantee you maximum security, we work with the leading German provider "finAPI". The data required for functional purposes is stored in encrypted form in the German data centers.