My personal getquin profile!

Who are you?

Hey, I'm Kelvin, 25 years old and live near Frankfurt. I run the AktienFreunde channel on TikTok, where I share my experiences of a long-term investment approach, with the aim of enabling everyone to make responsible and sensible investment decisions. Since my early days, I have been very passionate about how economies are functioning, which is why I also completed my Bachelor's & Master's degree in business administration with a focus on finance. I was so interested in the entire field that I increasingly focused on capital-markets during my studies and first work experiences. My passion for capital markets then further materialized when moved into the asset management division at a private bank. That was still too far away from real stock market activity for me, so I then switched to investor relations and was able to gain numerous capital market experiences in various German companies from the DAX, MDAX and also the SDAX.

When did you start investing?

I started investing almost seven years ago. In my first real job I received capital-forming benefits, which I then had to invest. That's how I first came into contact with ETFs and the whole topic of finance fascinated to such an extent that I've been dealing with independent investing on a daily basis ever since and have been managing all my capital independently ever since.

What is your investment strategy?

My investment strategy is based on a long-term single-stock strategy with a focus on unique companies whose business models are an integral part of our everyday lives. Specifically, this is divided into two core strategies, a dividend strategy and a growth strategy. In the dividend strategy, I emphasise investing in companies that have been continuously increasing their dividends for decades and at the same time have very positive prospects for the future. With the growth strategy, I invest primarily in companies with clear double-digit sales growth and high innovative strength.

What is your insider tip or a sector/stock that you currently like?

My secret tip is that it pays to stick with it for the long term and that you only invest in companies whose business model you fully understand. This is the only way to ride out heavy price losses without any problems and, even better, to buy up :)

What was your biggest investment mistake?

My biggest investment mistake was speculating with the Greek banks. That was at the beginning of my time on the stock market. At that time I tried out all kinds of things, simply to gain experience. In retrospect, it was almost a total loss, but it was still worth it because the experience had a massive impact on me and my current investment strategy.

What does your portfolio currently look like?

My portfolio currently comprises almost 60 different companies. The portfolio is globally diversified, represents numerous different sectors and aims to enable a long-term and stress-free investment after extensive research into the companies. Short-term fluctuations are completely irrelevant here, as diversification is the main focus and I continuously buy more through one-off purchases and share savings plans month after month.