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Who are you?

We are Kamiar and Maurice, both 23 years old and true Mannheim boys. It's not just our investment strategy that focuses on the long term, but also our friendship. In fact, we have been an inseparable duo since kindergarten!

The connection to finance didn't develop quite so early, but in the first semester of our engineering studies. We realized relatively early on that a good income does not equal financial success as long as you don't study finance and investing in depth. While everyone on campus also knew that financial education was definitely a gap in our teaching system, only very few wanted to deal with it or talk to us about it.

After several internships and first experiences in fee-based investment consulting, we decided to start our own business in this field after our bachelor's degree. A few months later, "Teaching Finance" was launched to bring financial education among the young people and lay the foundation for a healthy equity culture for later generations.

Through Instagram, Youtube and especially TikTok, we have a mission to bring stocks, ETFs & Co. closer to people in a simple, exciting and entertaining way. At the same time, we want to protect young investors from making the wrong investment decisions and losing money through wild speculation.

When did you start investing?

We bought our first stocks at 18, and our first ETFs at 20.

At 21, we started investing in our own company.

What is your investment strategy?

Unspectacular, but effective and scientific. For the largest part we use the core-satellite strategy, but with a very large core and very few satellites.

We focus on the market and not on hypes, which is why we invest for the most part in broadly diversified global ETFs.

What is your secret tip or a sector/stock that you currently like?

Don't look for insider tips. "Stick to the plan" and buy the world AG, don't be tempted by hypes or media reports to jump on speculative trains.

It's not as spectacular that way, but it works. Only very few beat the market - especially on a long investment horizon.

What was your biggest investment blunder?

We never really had a fatal mistake, but rather the wrong mindset at the beginning. We were looking to make big money overnight by betting on THE right stock.

However, if you open a few valuable books, you quickly realize that it is a "long term game".

What does your portfolio currently look like?


15% Top-rated government bonds

5% Stocks

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