My personal getquin profile!

Who are you?

Born 1999 in Essen & currently a student in International Business & Management, with focus on Controlling and Accounting. But my enthusiasm for finance and shares started before my studies, so I bought my first shares in mid-2018. Besides my blog Dividenden Hai and my Instagram page, I am also the author of 3 eBooks, which deal with the topics dividend growth and fin-tech.

When did you start investing?

I started investing at the end of 2018!

A mix of lack of alternatives and money on the savings book led to this. My first share was Lotto 24 and my first ETF was a TecDax ETF. Both securities are no longer in my portfolio, admittedly I bought these instruments relatively blind.

What does your investment strategy look like?

My investment strategy can best be described as a dividend growth strategy. I am not interested in temporary high dividend yields, but in high dividend growth. I think most young people would have more fun with this.

Do you have an insider tip, or favourite share?

Use your own specialization (maybe job or hobby) to find investments that not everybody knows about! This is how I found stocks like TSMC or Cloudflare before everyone in the investment community on Instagram knew them. So use your advantage!