My personal getquin profile!

Who are you?

Hey I'm Inga from Casherella! I'm 30 years old, come from a small village near Hamburg and moved to Hamburg for my long-dreamed fashion and textile management studies. There I still live in the middle of the Schanze (if that means anything to anyone ;) and work as an account manager in e-commerce.

I love the country Italy, its culture, its food, its passion, its people and spend almost every summer there. In order to finally be able to order my beloved pasta there myself, I started learning Italian at the adult education center. For a piece of cake or pie I would (almost) give the shirt off my back, only in cooking I am an absolute loser.

Another passion of mine has developed only in the last 3 years: the passion for the topic "money and finances". Decisive for this was my mother, who gave me a folder with all contracts, insurances, accounts etc. with the motto "you are old enough, now you should take care of it". Because I had absolutely no idea, but after a while I approached the topic with a lot of research, podcasts, books and magazines, I started the blog "" and the corresponding Instagram channel. With this, I would like to encourage women in particular to take their finances into their own hands and thus build a financially independent future!

#cashisqueen 👑

When did you start investing?

About 2 years ago I invested my first ETF savings plan. A great moment that I'm still proud of (even if, in retrospect, it was unfortunately the wrong ETF 🐵).

What I can only advise everyone here: get started. Mistakes happen, but if you don't start, you can't make the mistakes and then fix them. Plus: it's not witchcraft. If I got this right, you can get it right! 💯

What is your investment strategy?

Long-term and passive (with three exclamation marks)! 💪

I'm not (yet) a fan of speculating, day trading or anything like that. I'm also completely holding back on cryptocurrency because I just don't completely understand the material and it's important to me that I know what I'm investing in and understand the concept behind it. I mainly want to provide for my retirement with ETF's in order to compensate or close my pension gap.

What is your secret tip or a sector/stock that you currently like?

Your aspiration should always be to understand what you are doing. Don't listen to any experts who suggest following one stock or strategy. Acquire enough knowledge to be able to decide for yourself.

And: don't get involved with bank advisors 😉 .

What was your biggest investment blunder?

I haven't made too big of a mistake yet, in fact only a rather "minor" one at the beginning. I had chosen a distributing ETF instead of an accumulating ETF for my savings plan, because I simply did not understand the terms correctly.

What does your portfolio currently look like?

I have two custody accounts - one with DKB with (so far still) one MSCI ETF and a second one with ING, as I use Scalable Capital's asset management/robo-advisor.

You can find my Portfolio here!