In the following article we explain how you can import and track your savings plans with the getquin app in the best possible way.

Create savings plans manually in the getquin app

Unfortunately, it is not possible to create savings plans automatically in the getquin app. The reason for this is that the savings plans are executed at different times at the brokers and without an open banking connection there is accordingly no way for getquin to determine the actual execution price. If you manually maintain your portfolio at getquin, you have to manually create a transaction in the app for each savings plan execution.

Track savings plans via Open-Banking

If you have connected your portfolio to the getquin app via Open-Banking, the savings plan transactions are automatically credited to your portfolio balance. We receive an updated overview of your holdings every day and can thus automatically detect whether the number of units in your securities account has changed. It is important that you have activated "Save PIN" when establishing the Open Banking connection, as only then can the getquin app perform an ongoing comparison with your securities account.

Track savings plans via PDF import

If you maintain your portfolio in the getquin app via PDF imports, you have to import the PDFs into the corresponding dashboard after each savings plan execution. The savings plans are then recorded with the exact execution price and the exact number of units.