Our Mission

Never before have the capital markets been so accessible and so popular. Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, over 2 million new investors under the age of 30 have bought their first share in Germany alone.

Around the world, participation in the stock market has exploded at a similar rate. While investing has become increasingly popular in recent years, the rise is largely due to the emergence of neo-brokers and their low fee models.

Social networks have also played a crucial role in this rise, with young and inexperienced investors in particular gathering in online communities to discuss investment trends. A famous example is the subreddit wallstreetbets with more than 10 million users, whose previous highlight was the GameStop short squeeze.

This drew global attention to the phenomenon of social investing.


However, unintended side effects were not absent: A glut of financial content and a general euphoria on the markets were the result. And of course, many inexperienced investors lost large sums of money, having jumped into hyped stocks at high prices.

That's why getquin was founded in March 2020.

The goal: an app that inspires you and helps you manage your investments, as well as a community with which you can interact and learn together.

One of our features focuses on giving you a tool to track your portfolios. Financial content such as blog articles, market overviews and financial news round out the feature.

The portfolio aggregation tool allows you to track multiple trading accounts, from stocks to ETFs to cryptocurrencies, which quickly gained the approval of more than 120,000 users.

All together is better than alone

The Community

From now on you have the possibility to create profiles, connect with other investors in the app and share your opinion on transactions with the community.

Social interactions are a huge trend in investing. For a long time, talking about money and investing was considered taboo. However, the democratization of stock markets has changed this view and put investing on everyone's agenda.

So it's high time for a tool that offers investors a comprehensive platform to share and learn from each other.

Whether you follow well-known investors or just want to stay among friends, the getquin social network allows you to bundle communication and knowledge in one app.

React to new posts or create your own and share them with the community. Discuss current topics and content and find out together which investment strategy is best for you.

Become part of the getquin community

New Features & Design


Since our beginning in early 2020, our top priority has been to provide you with an app that meets the expectations of our community. That's why, at the end of May, we adapted our design to make your user experience even more natural and pleasant:

Set up your profile, decide which portfolios you want to share and with whom. Do you prefer to keep your portfolio private or make it visible only to your friends? That's no problem at all.

Follow friends, family and well-known investors so you can be inspired by their investment stories. Interact together, give feedback and share your knowledge to expand your investment horizons. Become better investors together!

Keep an overview

Our mission is to build an inclusive and open financial community. This requires an open platform where everyone can participate. That's why our platform supports any broker.

You decide how to connect your assets: via our secure, easy-to-use Open Banking API, via PDF drag-and-drop or by adding transactions manually.

Our institutional-level portfolio monitoring gives you deep insights into all your linked assets, including country, sector, and asset class breakdowns.

We support multi-account aggregation. So you can connect all your trading accounts. Be it stocks, ETFs, precious metals or even cryptocurrencies and NFTs. With getquin, you keep track of everything and never lose sight of your assets.

Stay up to date

Finally, financial information is still a critical part of the investment journey. Search for relevant investment ideas from our own database or ask our community for ideas and food for thought. And don't forget to set up a watchlist to stay informed about what's happening in the markets.

Explore & Learn

People: getquin People introduces you to personalities and influencers from the financial sector and shows you how they invest, when they started, what their biggest mistakes in investing were and much more.

Our Blog: With our getquin blog you will get interesting insights into the world of investing. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced investor - there is something for everyone!

You can find out more here.

Let’s get social

Our goal is to build a global online community that brings together investors from different backgrounds and experience levels to make investing more inclusive and interactive.

In the coming months, we will continue to grow our +120,000 strong investor community. New social features and tools are coming to help you make better decisions in the stock markets.

Let's join the ride 🚀