Greed, power, crime, strokes of fate - and all this in the midst of money, banks, expensive cars and even more money. But what about the other side? Today we present 5 exciting films and series from the world of finance, from moving rises to dramatic falls.

5th place: Wall Street & Wall Street - Money never sleeps.

The stock market drama by Oliver Stone "Wall Street - Money Never Sleeps" is the sequel to the film "Wall Street". The first film revolves around the stock market trader Gordon Gekko and his protégé, the up-and-coming talent Bud Fox. Blinded by power madness, he engages in illegal insider trading and also involves Fox in his criminal machinations.

The second part of the story deals with Gekko's time after prison. But even after serving his prison sentence, his reputation among his colleagues has not been restored. So he works for his future son-in-law. But Gekko doesn't seem to have changed, he is a master of manipulation and will do anything to achieve his goals.

4th place: Bad Banks - Are you ready to pay?

The German-Luxembourg television series follows the young investment banker Jana Liekam. The protagonist works as a financial structurer in a major international bank in Luxembourg. Right at the beginning of the series, the ambitious, talented woman is unexpectedly fired, but with the help of her ex-boss Leblanc, she quickly finds a new, very promising position as an investment banker in Frankfurt. She receives an offer from "Deutsche Global Invest" on the same day and is supposed to prove herself there under investment boss Gabriel Fenger. She leaves her boyfriend and his daughter behind in Luxembourg and decides to take this insane opportunity. She soon finds herself confronted with the criminal intrigues of the financial world and before she can really understand what she has got herself into, she is caught up in a combination of egoism, pressure to succeed and macho games.

The second season of the successful series is set in the innovative world of FinTechs, but as Jana Liekam soon discovers, although the financial world seems to be developing further, the personal games and power struggles remain.

3rd place: The Pursuit of Happiness

The film "The Pursuit of Happiness" with Will Smith, is a somewhat different film on our list. It is the film adaptation of the life story of banker Chris Gardner, which is initially characterised by financial bottlenecks and lack of success. In order to give his young son a better life, he accepts an unpaid internship at an investment bank, from which he hopes to get a permanent job as a stockbroker.

Unlike the other films on our list, neither cunning nor trickery are on the agenda here. Rather, it is the emotional story of a hard-working man trying his luck in the financial world, motivated by the love for his son and the desire for a better life without homeless asylum and financial difficulties.

2nd place: The Great Crash - Margin Call

The realistic and stirring film "The Great Crash - Margin Call" by director JC Chandor, offers a first class Wall Street thriller. The storyline begins with a huge layoff at a New York investment firm. Among those affected is top risk analyst Eric Dale, who in the weeks leading up to his dismissal has devoted himself to an analysis whose results could spell the end of the bank and much more. He hands over this damning data to junior analyst Peter Sullivan to finish what Dale started. He realises the extent of the impending doom and within no time a race begins to see who can manage to save themselves from the sinking ship.

1st place: The Wolf of Wallstreet

Most of you will have seen this legendary film, if not - you're missing out! For us, one of the best films from the world of finance, a classic that everyone should have seen.

The film is based on the true story of Jordan Belford, who is portrayed in the film by Leonardo DICaprio. The storyline begins in the early 1990s when young Jordan Belford wants to make it at the traditional banking house L.F. Rothschild, he quickly learns what Wall Street stock market marketeers are really all about: getting rich as quickly as possible. Shortly after his start, the first stock market crash after the Second World War follows, also known as Black Monday. Belford is now on his own. Driven by the American dream, he starts his own brokerage house, quickly makes big money, celebrates excessive parties between luxury, women and drugs. But the higher you rise, the lower you can fall.