Who are you?

I'm Emma, 24 years old and FinTech Founder from Berlin. I studied communication and management and worked as a freelance communication consultant for a while. My focus is definitely on marketing and branding - especially when it comes to brand development, I definitely turned my passion into my profession. To make my eyes light up, it's best to start a conversation about how successful brands (e.g. Nike) have evolved and how their latest campaign fits perfectly into the bigger picture. That's why at Leeway, the company I founded in 2019 with my two partners, I'm also responsible for our brand and communications.

My second great passion is training. I have participated in Crossfit competitions and worked with brands like Nike. Meanwhile, I only train in my spare time, but currently still around 10-12 times a week.

When did you start investing?

I started actively investing when I started working on Leeway about 3 years ago. At that time, of course, I first had to deal intensively with the topic of stocks. But also in general with the markets or the advantages and disadvantages of different forms of investment. The more you learn, the more often you discover opportunities and feel like putting your own money where your mouth is. Initially, I mainly worked with watchlists or invested only small amounts at first.

What is your investment strategy?

Like most Germans, I follow a rather conservative investment strategy. In my case, this means that I first create a diversified and stable foundation through ETFs and funds. I then invest about 10-15% of my total portfolio in individual stocks. Here, I usually react to recommendations and news, or to the stock of the week that we recommend at Leeway. From there, I look at the company's financials via fundamental analysis and then make a decision. Management, competition in the market, etc. should also be decision factors somewhere, of course, and I developed an understanding of that in my management master's.  Basically, I also hold individual stocks mostly for the long term, so the entry timing is no longer quite so essential.

What is your secret tip or a sector/stock that you currently like?

I currently like to invest in software. More precisely, working software. I wouldn't go for "Corona winners" as much as many are doing right now. I think we all know that everyday work will become more and more digitalized. Companies with stable finances and innovative, practical solutions are very likely to see long-term growth. And that, in turn, fits well with my investment strategy. Atoss, for example, was a stock I invested in a few months ago.

What was your biggest investment blunder?

2020 Wirecard. Pain - even though it's shared sorrow, of course: I definitely talked to some acquaintances at the time who got hopped up on it.

What does your portfolio currently look like?

I don't know exactly why, but I always keep a bit under wraps when it comes to this question - here, too, I'm on the same page as most Germans. Basically, however, I can say that I currently invest around 85% of my money in diversified products such as ETFs and the rest very cautiously in individual stocks where I see potential in the coming months, regardless of pandemic developments.