Community Picks Portfolio!

Another exciting week on the stock market has passed. While the Bitcoin has continued to fall, the DAX has held up well and was able to record a small growth. The Dow Jones even posted growth of over one percent.

As we do every week, we let our community decide which stocks they think are relevant or not. Some will look familiar, while others may be a hidden gem.

Happy reading!

P.S. and as always, please remember that investing comes with risks, especially in times like now when we see increased volatility and an abundance of liquidity in the markets.

1. Palantir Technologies

Palantir on an upward trend again

At the end of January, the stock of big data company Palantir was at a high of $36.87. This triggered a lot of profit-takings, which turned into a stable downward movement. In May, the downtrend finally subsided.

The new uptrend is not as steep as the one in January, but it is intact and rising consistently. 🚀

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2. Booking

Online travel agent in Bredouille

The company Booking is one of the largest providers of online travel bookings. Currently, the group is under heavy fire. Namely, the Italian financial police accuses Booking of having evaded sales tax in the amount of more than 150 million euros between the years 2013 and 2019. 👮 had issued invoices without VAT in parts of Italy. For this investigation by the police, almost 900,000 providers were checked. Of the 700 million euros in commission that collected in the above period, no VAT was paid.

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3. Bank of America

Rumors about Bank of America CEO

Brian Moynihan has been the CEO of Bank of America for over ten years. In his "tenure" he has been able to accomplish many things. After the corporation was rocked by the financial crisis of 2008-09, Moynihan restored it to its former glory. Now, however, there are rumors that Moynihan may soon no longer be at the helm of BoA of his own volition.

However, the share price is not suffering much from these rumors. On 24.06. the share rose to 34.04 EUR and has thus crossed the 50-day line to the upside. 💰

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4. Ocugen

Ocugen on the road to success

Last week, Ocugen was excited to announce that its stock will be a component of the Russel 3000 index. This is a result of the index's once-per-year reconstitution. This could be part of the reason why the shared gained 8.1 percent.

The biotech became popular during the coronavirus pandemic thanks to Covaxin, a vaccine that is being co-developed to fight the health threat. Ocugen and its partner Bharat have submitted its COVID-19 vaccine's Phase 3 trial data to India's drug regulation. The late-stage trial results are expected to be made public in July. 💉

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5. Intuitive Surgical

Market leader with considerable sales growth

The shares of Intuitive Surgical reached a new all-time high of EUR 764.67 on June 24. The company has been in an upward trend since the end of March and has gained over 25% in this period.

Intuitive Surgical is currently the global market leader in robotic surgical systems. The company has taken more than 79% of the robotic surgery market. In recent years, Intuitive has shown strong revenue growth. In 2020, the group had a turnover of over 4 billion dollars. 🤖

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