From Walt Disney over Enel to Uber, a lot has happened in the financial world this month.

What has changed? Where are news? We'll tell you in this weeks Community Picks!

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1. Disney

Dream or nightmare?

Later this week on May 13, entertainment giant Disney will present its first-quarter 2021 financial statements. The corporation, known for things like large theme parks, has suffered heavy losses in the Corona pandemic.

However, Walt Disney secured rights to star content for Disney+, making the streaming service more expensive but also more competitive. This expands the user base and could usher in strong growth. A long-term investment in the group could be very interesting.✨

For long-term success, the streaming service must continue to gain users and be allowed to reopen tourist attractions such as cruises and theme parks.

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2. VW

Strong start into the year

VW presented its Q1 financial statements last week. Earnings per share amounted to EUR 6.47. That is a strong growth if you look at the Q1 profit of the previous year of EUR 0.78.

Nevertheless, analysts had expected a profit of EUR 7.02 for the quarter. However, sales expectations were exceeded by EUR 1.1 billion to EUR 62.39 billion. This is a historically good start to the year, especially after the weakening caused by the demand shock in 2020, and was achieved primarily through increased sales of expensive vehicles from subsidiaries such as Audi and Porsche.

However, increasing vehicle sales of e-cars and the recovery in China also contributed strongly to the success.🚌

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3. Enel

Energetic come-back

Enel released its quarterly results for the first quarter last week. Compared to the same quarter last year, earnings per share increased by 27.5%. However, revenue for the quarter fell 14.4% year-over-year to EUR 17.11 billion. This weak start to 2021 was already expected by analysts.

However, despite the rather weak start to the year, Enel considers itself to be on track for its 2021 targets.⚡

The annual forecasts are therefore not overturned at this stage. For the fiscal year, analysts expect EUR 0.534 per share (previous year: EUR 0.518).

Increased sales of EUR 76.11 billion (previous year: EUR 64.99 billion) are also expected.

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4. Uber

Difficult start for Uber

The ride-distributing service Uber continued to suffer heavily from the Corona pandemic, as expected; revenues declined 65%, according to the report.

Food delivery service Uber Eats remained a key pillar of support for the company, boasting 230% growth. The group's revenues totaled $2.9 billion, down 11%.

Although losses were limited by a lucrative sale, the operating figures were unexpectedly low. Analysts had expected sales of USD 3.29 billion.🚗

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5. BYD

E-mobility giant was overestimated

The company's latest quarterly figures were significantly below analysts' expectations. Net profit was more than doubled compared to the same period last year, but if you compare net profit to Q4 of 2020, you'll notice that earnings dropped more than 70%.

This shock has further accelerated the downward trend. However, many analysts expect the Chinese e-mobility giant to catch itself soon. 🔋

After all, demand for e-mobility is rising steadily. Even though BYD's growth momentum is slowing down, they still managed to record a growth of 33.4%.

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