My personal getquin profile!

Who are you?

I am Christian, 29 years old, live in Berlin and am one of the co-founders of getquin. I have been interested in capital markets, stock exchange and ETFs for a long time and accordingly I am glad to deal with these topics every day today :). I studied economics with focus on finance, worked at HSBC between bachelor and master and am a passionate programmer. At getquin I am mainly responsible for our product and coordinate our development team. Apart from getquin, I am very interested in sports and I love to play soccer and tennis.

When did you start investing

I made my first investment almost 5 or 6 years ago, back then with an ETF on the DAX. When I noticed by my own example how complex and difficult it was for me to decide how and where to invest and which products to choose, I knew that I would like to dedicate myself to ETFs and investing in the future. Since then I would call myself an ETF nerd :). I wrote my master thesis on ETFs, spent a lot of time on the topic and have remained loyal to the ETF industry ever since. But of course I am also interested in stocks and the capital market in general. For me, ETFs are one of the key innovations in the financial sector of the last decades.

Personally, I am a big fan of crypto currencies - even if I didn't get into them as early as I would have liked to :).

What is your investment strategy?

Basically I believe that the big capital markets work efficiently and therefore my investments (of course) consist mostly of a few factor ETFs. While I originally invested primarily in Germany via a DAX ETF, I now invest globally via factor ETFs, mainly with the factors small cap and momentum. In addition, I have a few stocks, including Ryanair, Zalando, SAP and Bayer. I usually buy individual shares when they lose a lot of value in a short time due to external events, such as SAP recently. Additionally I have invested a part in crypto currencies. In crypto currencies I find Bitcoin (as digital gold) and Ethereum (as infrastructure for the decentralized Internet) particularly exciting.

What is your insider tip or a sector/stock that you currently like best?

As a person with an affinity for technology, I am of course mainly convinced by the technology sector. I firmly believe that software will fundamentally change all industries and sectors, and that the disruptive technologies that will emerge in the future, such as artificial intelligence, will be adapted much faster than earlier innovations, such as the Internet. I also believe in decentralization. In many areas, the elimination of the middleman not only leads to fewer conflicts of interest, but also to significantly lower costs and better services for the customer. I therefore see, especially in the financial sector, a lot of use cases for the block chain technology and I also see crypto currencies as very interesting, which can definitely be kept well in the portfolio as a speculative position :).

What does your depot look like?

My portfolio consists mainly of ETFs (75%), furthermore I have crypto-currencies (15%) and a few smaller positions in single stocks. Gold, bonds, commodities and overnight or time deposits are not in my portfolio. I invest small sums in single stocks and crypto-currencies because I enjoy dealing with companies and their business models, or even new technologies.