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Who are you?

I am Björn and 27 years old. I grew up in Braunschweig, the city of Henry the Lion and the record-breaking American football champions in Germany, the New York Lions. Meanwhile I live in the Göttinger Land, in the tranquil village of Ballenhausen with 640 souls.

Money has always been scarce in my life, which is why I became interested in the subject of money at an early age. When I was 18, I enlisted in the German Armed Forces. With my studies in business administration at the Bundeswehr, speculating became really interesting in 2013.

Until my master's degree with a focus on legal risk management, I then read a lot and went directly into CFD trading. Since then, this topic has caught me.

In the meantime, I am still an officer in the German Armed Forces, but I also do financial coaching with and my Instagram page @bear.stocks to spread the word about the extremely important financial education in Germany. This is exactly where the school system has its weaknesses. Subjects like financial education, taxes and entrepreneurship are missing. This is exactly where I want to remedy the situation. Financial education concerns us all.

Fun Fact: The bear is my heraldic animal. I'm not into falling prices, that's for sure. Björn is Scandinavian and means bear. Besides, my brothers used to have problems with my name and turned "Björn" into "Bear". So I associate Bear Stocks with more than just a business venture.

When did you start investing?

With the invest I have only with the Coronatief in March 2020. Before that I preferred the "stress" with the CFDs and the "speculation" according to the definition of André Kostolany has given me more fun. In my knowledge I invest already since 2013. I think that counts too!

What does your investment strategy look like?

I am 90% buy, hold & check investor. For the selection I use a mixture of fundamental and chart analysis. My own analysis tool, which I have created in Excel, supports me in this. In addition to my stocks, I also invest in ETFs and P2P loans.

My investment horizon is almost 23 years and therefore very long-term. Why 23 years? Well, at the latest at the age of 50 I will retire.
In addition to shares, I also have a unit-linked pension insurance, which gives me security.

Nevertheless, 10% of my portfolio is still invested in speculations. A little play money never hurt anyone.

What is your secret tip or a sector/share that you currently like?

My secret tip? Don't trust insider tips. Only those who invest in their knowledge and get a picture for themselves will be successful in the long term.

When it comes to interesting sectors, then renewable energies are definitely it. We need to move away from fossil fuels to preserve our planet.

Robotics and artificial intelligence are also interesting. Core technologies that can lead us to an exciting and autonomous world.

What was your biggest investment mistake?

Wirecard. Clearly.

Am I angry? No. I have learned that fraud is fraud. In the meantime, I keep my hands off companies that have a reputation for fudging their statistics.

What does your portfolio currently look like?

My current portfolio is very stock-heavy, but look best yourself!

To the portfolio!