My personal getquin profile!

Who are you?

My name is Basti, I'm 33 years old. I grew up in Gau-Angles, okay, Gau-Algesheim near Mainz. But at least we have city rights. When I was 18, I got very involved with online poker (but today I wouldn't go all-in so easily in business), and when I learned more about trading in the capital market, I more or less switched to it. On the side, I did my Bachelor's degree in Business Administration in Frankfurt and financed my studies through poker. Of course, I was always there... I then did my Master's in Management with specialisation in Finance in Vienna, Mainz and Bali. Yes, Bali. Studying under palm trees and surfing in my free time. That's where my love for the island was born (digital nomad, yeah).

Then, while travelling, I turned my hobby into my profession. I made my first passive income through my videos and after a trip to Ecuador, I threw myself into the Talerbox project and share my content on personal finance topics mainly via YouTube but also via Instagram.

Personally, I think financial education is super important and I find it scary that you get little to nothing about it in school. Moreover, the topic is far too often treated in a boring and unentertaining way. That's why I do it differently. I see myself as a kind of "online bank counter" where everyone can get inspired. It is very important to me to strengthen the self-confidence of young investors and I am very happy to support each individual in achieving their own financial goals!

When did you start investing?

Investing. Investing. Okay, that was probably only in 2012. Before that I also "invested" or rather speculated. I was day trading in the forex market, even if I was quite successful in parts, because I came from the poker corner.

What is your investment strategy?

For the majority of my investments, I use Ray Dallo's so-called "all-weather strategy" - this forms the foundation of my asset pyramid. It is invested safely and slowly growing and the whole thing is automatic and passive.  For a smaller portion, I use the pension fund strategy - no money no honey in old age. A little bit also goes into p2p loans - it's a bit risky, but here too the rule is: broadly diversified is never regretted. I also don't miss out on a bit of gambling, about 10% of my portfolio falls into the category "excitement, fun and games". Finally, a small crypto mix and a few shares.

Do you have an insider tip or a favourite stock?

Long-term automatic & passive investing - boring but extremely effective.

What was your biggest investment mistake?

I would say my biggest mistake was my attitude earlier. I wanted Overnight Success and get rich quick, looking back I definitely should have invested passively.

What does your portfolio currently look like?

- 65% All-Weather Strategy

- 15% pension fund strategy

- 10% p2p loans

- 5% stocks

- 5% Cryptos