Buy and sell transactions

If you have connected your securities account to our app via Api interface, your portfolio will be updated automatically in our app. The update takes place four times a day.As soon as the portfolio balance at your bank differs from getquin's portfolio, we will create an automated buy or sell transaction for you, depending on your transaction history.


Stocks or cryptocurrencies that are not part of your portfolio linked to getquin will show as a sale due to the Open Banking connection, as they are not actually received in your portfolio. To fix this issue, you need to create a second portfolio. To do this, you can select under the "Connect/Create Portfolio" tab and create another portfolio. You can skip the "Select Bank" step and select "Add Manually". Under the "Aggregated" view you still have an overview of everything.


If securities in your portfolio distribute dividends, these are automatically transferred to getquin. getquin also shows announced dividends. Dividend transactions are always displayed in the currency in which the respective company pays the dividend. In the dividend overview and the calculation of the total return, the dividends are displayed in the user's preferred currency.
If the actual value of the dividend differs from that in getquin, the dividend can either be updated manually or via PDF. To update a dividend per PDF, all you have to do is drag and drop the relevant PDF into the dashboard. The automatically created dividend will be overwritten by the imported one.