Our goal is to provide you with a platform for monitoring all your investments at a glance. This includes not only your stocks, ETFs and cryptos, but as well all the other assets you may own. We are getting closer and closer to this goal!

Alternative Assets bei getquin hinzufügen from getquin on Vimeo.

You can now add the following investments manually and monitor them with getquin:

Deposit account
Track the cash you have deposited in your various bank accounts.

Add any cash you have on the side to it as well (euro only for now).

Real Estate
Add your real estate exposure such as apartments, houses or even land.

Life Insurance
Don't lose track of your life insurance.

Add the value of your vehicles, from cars, motorbikes to trucks.

You possess assets like paintings, sculptures and other types of art? Then add it here.

Precious Metals
Track your precious metals (gold, silver, platinum and palladium) by adding them here.

NFTs are used to commercialize digital assets in the fields of art, music, sports and other popular entertainment. Don't lose their value out of sight.

Add your jewelry like necklaces, bracelets or watches to the platform and always keep an eye on them.